• Tourist and nature guides


    Promotion of tourist attractions in the cross-border area of the Bolesławiec and Bautzen Counties

  • Urban applications

    Mobile Application History of Krosno in the Modern Stage

    The application "History of Krosno in the Modern Hole" allows you to discover the secrets and charms of the city of Krosno lying in the Podkarpackie Province in a simple and pleasant way.

  • Tourist and nature guides

    Treasures of Highlanders - mobile application for questing and gamification

    Treasures of Highlanders is an application thanks to which you will experience great adventures during trips to the Podhale

  • Tourist and nature guides

    Tourism of Limanowa Poviat and Dolny Kubin - mobile travel guide

    The cross-border mobile application includes a presentation of the tourist attractions of the Limanowa and Dolny Kubin poviats, the presentation of tourist routes, craftmakers and the presentation of local products.

  • Tourist and nature guides

    Bieszczady borderland - at the junction of cultures

    The tourist mobile application was created for tourists visiting the Bieszczady County and the city of Giraltovce in Slovakia.

  • Urban applications

    Powiat Wielicki - city tourist guide

    A mobile application created for tourists visiting the five communes constituting the Powiat Wielicki: Biskupice, Gdów, Kłaj, Niepołomice and Wieliczka.

  • Events

    Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences - International Architecture Biennale 2017

    MBA2017 Event Mobile Application prepared for the International Architecture Biennale is a cyclical event held in Krakow since 1985.

  • Urban applications

    Nowy Sącz. It bodes well - City tourist guide

    Thanks to the guide, users have access to a full information base on both tourist attractions as well as accommodation and catering facilities as well as infrastructure based on geolocation and GPS navigation. Nowy Sącz prepare

  • Tourist and nature guides

    Sianow. Municipality with enthusiasm

    Tourists coming to the Sianów Commune with the intention of visiting the city and the municipality can benefit from the simplification of a free smartphone app. It is available for two IOS and Android operating systems.

  • Urban applications

    Węgrów… be enchanted!

    The city application "Węgrów ... be enchanted!", Available in two language versions, was created for tourists visiting the city of Węgrów

  • Tourist and nature guides

    Olszanica-Svidnik. Tourism of two Regions

    The cross-border mobile application contains a presentation of the tourist routes and attractions of the Olszanica Commune and the Svidnik Period. In addition, the application provides users with a calendar of events, a tour planner, weather forecast and

  • Events

    Enjoy the silence

    The "Enjoy the silence" mobile application is an element of a nationwide kapania, details of which can be found at http://cieszsiecisza.pl/. The application allows you to measure the volume of sound in any building where you are staying, using the device


Our customers
wrzosowa kraina Wieliczka Węgrów Wadowice Urszulin UJ Sławatycze Sianów Radziemice Qwsi Powiat Wołomiński Poleski Park Narodowy Partnerstwo izerskie Pałecznica Opole Olszanica Nowy Targ Nowy Sącz nowe technologie nowa deba Minsk koleje mila mazowsze Mapa Pasji chochołowski Limanowa Małopolski Szlak winny Arteria Biebrza Bieszczady Jasło Koniusza Korona Krosno
Anna Jarzębska President of the Passion Map Foundation

"(...) The great advantage of cooperation with 3Step Ltd. is the creativity of her team, very good communication, openness to customer needs, flexibility and professionalism. 3Step has put a lot of effort into realizing mobile applications and websites fully Satisfied - prepared excellent, eye-catching graphic designs, implemented advanced technical solutions and showed great flexibility in introducing on our request further improvements in the products offered. Considering the above, I would wholeheartedly recommend 3Step So. z o.o as the best web and mobile application developer known to me.

Bohdan Lisowski President of the Association of Polish Architects

"(...) Application of the MBA 2017 application has provided participants with instant access to current information, ensuring smooth communication between the Organizer and Biennale guests. High number of downloads and positive feedback on the MBA 2017 applications reinforce our conviction that it was an extremely important organizational tool The above is the effect of good cooperation with 3Step Sp. Z o. O. All works were carried out with due diligence. 3Step Sp. Z o. O. Actively participated in the various stages of the project implementation, providing help and valuable hints .. The project was carried out on time and reliably. Ltd. as the creator of mobile applications (...) "

Marta Tymińska Arteria Association

"(...) The work was carried out in a very friendly and professional atmosphere, the 3Step team works very well under time pressure and can be trusted in the issues of creating mobile applications and technology decisions. The team also demonstrated flexibility in testing subsequent solutions, as well as From the perspective of a non-governmental organization, this cooperation was an ideal synergy between the IT market and socio-cultural animation (...) "

mgr Barbara Pachniowska Municipal Cultural Center in Nowy Targ

"(...) We are impressed by the professionalism, ingenuity and skills of the team of employees of 3Step Ltd. The application is a great opening to the world of new technologies and at the same time reaching new recipients .. For residents and tourists arrives is an irreplaceable help: starting with a previous reading with the program, by assigning the most convenient access from your place of residence to the event itself, up to detailed contact with individual exhibitors, stars appearing, the application is undoubtedly a great tool for promoting cities, events and important events (...) "

mgr inż. Andrzej Demczak Deputy Director of the Słowiński National Park

"(...) Execution of the order is exemplary. The cooperation with 3Step Sp. Z o. O. Ran exceptionally efficiently. Any suggestions appearing during the implementation were implemented very quickly, and the creativity of the young, dynamically developing team met our expectations. benefits in the form of acquired knowledge and experience.The application in our opinion stands out from the other functionalities and graphic design.The company 3Step Ltd. in a very short time created a product with very high quality (...) "

Zofia Pająk Wadowice Commune Office

"(...) 3Step realized the order of the Wadowice Commune to conduct an audio guide with a mobile and web application for the Tourist Traffic Services Department. The service was performed in accordance with our expectations, reliably and on time. The employees demonstrated their competence and full commitment. Cooperation allows us to think that 3Step Sp. zo.o. is properly treating its obligations and
is commendable (...) "

Tomasz Antoniuk Head of the Urszulin Commune

(...) The process of creating the application ran very smoothly, keeping the deadlines for the implementation of individual stages. The employees of 3Step Sp. z o.o. they responded to suggestions on a regular basis and demonstrated a creative and flexible approach to the implementation of the entire project. The delivered product meets all our expectations both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. We strongly recommend 3Step Sp. z o.o. as a professional and reliable and timely contractor of mobile applications (...) "

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